Sunday, January 12, 2014

Recurring Orbs In Levittown - One Captured In Photo - Latest MUFON Report

One of the unreported phenomena (by the MSM) about UFOs are that they 'recur' in one location - like what happened in Levittown recently. Below are the highlights of the latest occurrence with a photo from Dec. 30th:
  ....The next night 1/1/14 they were back again only at a closer distance. I went out when my husband called for me. I cant determine the distance but my husband again got them on video and we noticed that there was absolutely no sound coming from them. As with the night before, one by one they eventually faded out until they were gone. So for 3 days in a row they same number of round objects were here.....
The Photo
The mentioned video was not available.
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Amazing 11-25-13 Berwick Triangle UFO With Center Light Flies Over Couple - Latest MUFON Reports

(Report Submitted 12/3)
Below are only the highlights......
....a stationary UFO which had blue and white or very light yellow flashing lights around the perimeter. It was about 8 to 10 miles away in the south and 400 feet above us. It was hovering above a forested hill and was there for at least two minutes. 
Within 4 seconds it was over us. There was a VERY bright white light underneath and you could barely see the blues on the edges anymore due to its location to us. However the smaller lights around the large white one almost seemed recessed as it flew above us. The back lights were more distinct in their outline. My husband believed it to be triangular in shape. He had been outside in the dark longer so his eyes were able to see edges better than mine. 
It was difficult to determine size due to the fact that we could not see the elevation. However, given the following perhaps you could make a calculation of how high it was: Our property is 150 feet long, so looking up from underneath the UFO, it was covering at least 75 feet of the property and the probably 35 feet of the 45 foot width of the property.....
.....I cannot emphasis enough how large the center light was in proportion to the vehicle and how white and brilliant the light was, it was amazing. If we had stared at the light itself for any time we would have been blinded by it.
At 6:35pm My husband witnessed another similar object move to the Northwest and he only saw its edges which were also rimmed with lights. This moved so fast that he could not yell for me to come and see it. 

Drawing Submitted
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