Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WTH? Objects Repeatedly Appear Near Allegheny Airport (Pictures) Latest MUFON Reports

This can only be described as a bone-chilling account of something anomalous to nefarious going on repeatedly over a number of days and occasions. Glowing lights which morph into different shapes -- a silent huge neighborhood Triangle UFO - and a glowing fast saucer shape. The highlights of the report are below but read this Link for the full articulate report (except for a point I will make after a picture or two submitted with this report): (red below is my emphasis)
Last Event Occurred 2-19-14 (10PM)
over the course of a week I had noticed and intently observed very strange lights/ objects in the sky that had varied in shape, color and size.
 I was so astonished by what I had been seeing that I elected to stay up til daybreak. (NOTE)objects persisted into the morning at which time they descented and seemingly dissappeared into mid air. 
Over the nights these objects had appeared around the same time, in the same place. The objects witnessed mainly were strange lights that had morphed into various shapes and colors and sizes. 

Also witnessed was the underside of a very large black triangle that had white and orange lights underneath of it. This structure moved very fast, took up a great deal of the sky directly above my house and was almost stealth like, yet made no sounds. 
During the last night of these anamolies I had also witnessed a very strange sound coming out of the woods across from my house. This sound paralyzed me with fear as it did not sound like any of the typical animals that habitate these woods. It started as a clicking sound almost like a dolphin, very high pitched and then progressed into almost a cackling sound. At the same time as the sounds were getting louder a very large gust of wind seemed to appear out of nowhere and then dissappear when the sounds in the woods stopped. was the strange noises just a coincidence? Could be. I still feel that it was worthy of mentioning considering the strageness of events that night. .....
This submitter then uploaded numerous photos of which I show a couple below - my only problem with this report is the actual circumstance of the pictures - as I'd like to know how close did the person think these lights in the picture were? Were they all taken at the same time? Were any of them one of the two objects the submitter describes in their report? Nonetheless - here's a couple of them - they look much like the `light structures' that seem to be being captured in various places.
Other amazing photos from this report can be found at My Subreditt Called Strange State UFO
What do you think? Some of the strangeness phenomena I've seen captured on film in a bit of time IMO. To me it's no wonder that folks would have a hard time saying if these are `lights' or morphed `crafts' as it can easily be supplied by the minds eye.
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