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`Old-Time' (1900's) UFO Stories In Pennsylvania Told To MUFON In 2014

As you can see by looking at the previous posts on this blog -- MUFON back edits the good stuff and removes it from their searchable database... a story I've been revealing for the past 6 months or so.... let's see if they will remove these UFO stories also - which don't involve photos and videos..... the censorship is truly amazing.... 

Anyway.. I just did a post like this with people who submitted OldTime UFO reports from Michigan -- you can read those very strange 16 accounts here -- Oldtime UFO Stories From MIchigan... As you see below, like the Michigan post, I've divided it all up by decade - even if a person had UFO visits for decades... and I've only given the `saucy' accounts of close up or strange accounts... which is what most of the stories held for decades within oneself are. 28 results came up when I searched the MUFON database for reports made in 2014 for PA between 1930 and 1999... here's 14 of em.

Big in the themes seen in PA were the immobility of the observers on occasion and aliens seen in crafts - seen in several reports... as always. red highlights are my emphasis.


The 1940's
1949 - West Newton
the earliest PA UFO account

Was in bed sleeping at night in the summer. My first notice was off my family behind a log in a small woods .Did not really notice the craft. It was on the ground and I was scared. My dad was along side of me and told me to run, I wanted to stay with family but I remember running towards the house. I remember getting half way home when they caught me. I then remember being inside laying down and not being able to move. I turned my head to the side and saw my parents sitting along a white wall and not moving. I looked up and saw some type of needle and it was going to stick me in the belly button. I cried to my dad to help me and he started to get up but was stopped some way and was told that he loved me but couldn't help me. I remember having nose bleeds that summer and something like a small piece of tooth pick came out of my belly button and I had a burning feeling in my belly button.There is more to the story if you are interested in hearing it but it happened so long ago I don't think you would be interested. I don't even know why I am telling you now.

NO description of the craft? OR the aliens? While this is the prototypical alien abduction of the 90's and onward.. these types of tales didn't exist as being told prior to that time... just sayin.

The 1950s

It's the kind of account that reads like fiction ... as many of these amazing stories do - without confirmation to be found except in memory.

No noise or motion when our 5th grade class first saw round silver object with dome just outside 2nd story window. Clear day. No clouds. Object noisless. Finish dull silver. No windows or visible openings. None of us had heard of term "UFO". Noone was frightened but teacher was alarmed and reported to principal. Object hovered noiseless in same position for app. 10 min, then accelerated at extreme speed over mountain behind our school. Years later our teach=r recalled this incident. Myself and 2 classmates still remember and discuss exactly same details

Wouldn't it be something for the whole class to step forward?

The 1960's

1965 Downtown Philadelphia
The above/below is a LONG and very detailed and articulate report starting with seeing a cylinder plasma craft in downtown Philly as an 11 year old... but.. the man goes on to become an Air Force Intelligence person and has an additional UFO story... parts of both his experiences below:
One of the drawings submitted with this report
....The UFO was the length of a city bus, with rounded ends, but wider in circumference. It was a large cylinder, it had no markings of any kind, no wings, no visible engines, no windows. The entire surface was made up of a plasma field, like a close up image of the Sun. These gases or ions spun and disappeared under the surface, diving and rising like a gas. The brightness was intense. It was composed of several colors, white, yellow and orange. It reminded me of someone mixing giant cans of paint. It was very beautiful but hard on the eyes because of its brilliance. 
(and then his second story)..... Later as an Intelligence Officer I often gave my squadron current intelligence briefings. I was an Intelligence Officer of the 732nd Military Airlift Squadron at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey. I served in this position for approximately ten years, including during The Gulf War. During one briefing an Aircrew explained to me they encountered a Ball Lightening Encounter, also called Saint Elmo's Fire. A sphere of charged particles entered the airframe of their aircraft while cruising at 40,000 feet. The aircraft was a C-141 Starlifter. The sphere about three feet in diameter entered the cockpit then floated inside the aircraft to the cargo bay where it hovered for a time then vanished. They asked of I entered the airframe of their aircraft while cruising at 40,000 feet. The aircraft was a C-141 Starlifter. The sphere about three feet in diameter entered the cockpit then floated inside the aircraft to the cargo bay where it hovered for a time then vanished. The entire crew witnesses the sphere and actually enjoyed the event. They asked if I knew of any UFO sightings. I then told them my story. This upset my Squadron Training Officer who verbally reprimanded me, I was ordered to never speak about UFO's again.

Certainly missing from this above account IMO is certainly he's talked with his cousins about this right? What do they remember?

The 1970's

all three accounts have small beings or small with taller beings

The 1980s and 1990s

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